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Mechanisms for Plant-Microbe Interaction
Bioinformatics and Evolution
Dr. Yu-Xian Zhu’s Group Published a 14-05-22
Seminars 11-12-13
Seminars 11-11-01
Seminars 11-10-01
[Key papers] Lijuan Xu, Nengming Xiao, Feng Liu, Hongwei Ren, and Jun Gu (2009) Inhibition of RIG-I and MDA5-dependent antiviral response by gC1qR at mitochondria. PNAS, 106: 1530-1535.
[Key papers] Shangwei Zhong, Mantong Zhao, Tianying Shi, Hui Shi, Fengying An, Qiong Zhao, and Hongwei Guo (2009) EIN3/EIL1 cooperate with PIF1 to prevent photo-oxidation and to promote greening of Arabidopsis seedlings. PNAS, 106: 21431-21436.
[Key papers] Yong Guo, Genji Qin, Hongya Gu, and Li-Jia Qu (2009) Dof5.6/HCA2, a Dof Transcription Factor Gene, Regulates Interfascicular Cambium Formation and Vascular Tissue Development in Arabidopsis. Plant cell, on line 1-17.
[Key papers] Han P, Li Q, Zhu YX (2008) Mutation of Arabidopsis BARD1 causes meristem defects by failing to confine WUSCHEL expression to the organizing center. Plant Cell, 20: 1482-1493.
[Key papers] Liu JJ, Zhang YY, Qin GJ, Tsuge T, Sakaguchi N, Luo G, Sun KT, Shi DQ, Aki S, Zheng NY, Aoyama T, Oka A, Yang WC, Umeda M, Xie Q, Gu HY, Qu LJ (2008) Targeted degradation of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor ICK4/KRP6 by RING-type E3 ligases is 1. essential for mitotic cell cycle progression during Arabidopsis gametogenesis. Plant Cell, 20: 1538-1554.
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Susumu Kajiwara, Ph.D., Graduate School of Bioscience and
Kalervo Hiltunen, Professor and University of Oulu
Large Scale Discovery Approaches for Circadian Networks
Light signal transduction and regulation of seed development
Fatty acid-mediated regulation of stress-responsive
Prof. Julie Theriot, Department of Biochemistry, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, California,
Prof. Jonathan Widom, Dept. of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology, and Dept. of Chemistry,
Prof. Rob Phillips, Department of Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California,
Baylor College of Medicine大学Jeffrey G. Reid 博士来访。Seminar title:Functional mutation detection
Prof. Stephen Busby (Fellow of the Royal Society, UK), School of Biosciences, The University of Birmingham, UK.
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